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    Evans Black Chrome Tom Pack Rock - 10/12/16 in.

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    With big drum kits comes big responsibility. High toms need to sound punchy and robust, not small and weak. Low toms need to sound articulate and clear, not muddy or muffled. This Black Chrome Tom Pack's heads have got you covered. The unique design accentuates the mid-to-low-end frequencies that small drums need to sound rich and deep to match the rest of your kit. Precise articulation and tight sustain let your low toms and floor toms sound naturally thunderous, clear and periscope-deep at any tension—no tape, rings or sticky messes required.

    On stage and in the studio, Black Chrome heads really come alive. They are the tom microphone's best friends, requiring significantly less EQing and tweaking than similar heads. So, you can work less and play more with the deep tom sound you want.

    Designed to satisfy the heaviest of hitters, Black Chrome heads restore the mid-to-low-end frequencies that vanish when your tree-trunk sticks deliver crushing blows to your toms. With a 7-mil clear top over a 7.5-mil black bottom, the sleek and unique 2-ply design adds plenty of body and deep tone to support the natural high-frequency attack of high-impact drumming.

    The Black Chrome's sexy, black-mirror finish lends serious attitude to your music while its clear top ply keeps any black marks off your drum stick tips, white snare head and cymbals.

    The Evans engineering and design teams were focused on discovering the perfect combination of materials for Black Chrome. They experimented with unique film pairings, custom adhesives and out-of-the-box design concepts to produce a drum head of superior tone and durability.

    Power drummers no longer have to choose between great sound and long-lasting durability. The unique Black Chrome design does more than just make your toms sound great—it keeps them sounding great long after the heads have been installed. Custom adhesives unify the durable 7-mil and 7.5-mil films to produce a virtually seamless super-material. Plus, exclusive Roll-over Hoop technology provides extra durability at the widest range of tensions.

    • 2-ply construction: 7-mil optically clear film over 7.5-mil black film
    • Roll-over hoop technology
    • Black, mirror-like appearance

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    Evans Black Chrome Tom Pack Rock - 10/12/16 in.


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