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    Stager Microphones SR-3 Long Ribbon Microphone

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    The Stager Microphones SR-3 is the culmination of years of development and obsessive tweaking of the company's popular and overwhelmingly well-received SR-1A and SR-2N models. Handmade in small batches in Nashville, TN, the SR-3 leaves a sonic signature which pulls you head-first into any sound source and hugs you like your best friend.

    The SR-3 employs a high-output ribbon motor with a 3" long aluminum ribbon -- the longest offered by Stager -- and neodymium magnets coupled to a custom toroidal output transformer, and interfaces with any and all mic pres and mixers without the need for an in-line "booster" box or excessive preamp gain to get a healthy level into your DAW or recorder. The lightweight design with integral yoke mount allows for easy placement and positioning on any standard microphone stand without the need for a counterweight.

    The tone and transient response of the SR-3 is very much in the neighborhood of the classic large ribbon mics, albeit with a more gentle and gradual high frequency rolloff. With increased sensitivity and a remarkably balanced tonality, this microphone extends to the outer reaches of the frequency spectrum and retains all of the detail you want for an intimate vocal or piano recording, but doesn't quell any of the mid-range muscle when it has to get up close and personal with a booming amplifier or thumping drum kit.
    • 3" x 0.25" 1.8-micron ribbon
    • Neodymium magnets
    • Proprietary toroidal transformer
    • Exceptionally high output  
    • Sensitivity: -42dbV
    • Machined aluminum body with integral yoke mount
    • Internal suspension system
    • 1.85 lb.

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    Stager Microphones SR-3 Long Ribbon Microphone


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