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    Waldorf Iridium Keyboard Synthesizer

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    The jaw-dropping sound and power of the Waldorf Iridium Desktop Synthesizer are now available in a rock-solid, incredible-feeling 49-key instrument with polyphonic aftertouch. Explore 1,680 unique sounds and textures, save thousands of your own customizations and swap sounds with Iridium Desktop or the flagship Quantum Synthesizer. Explore the depths of wavetable, analog modeling, granular synthesis and more via Iridium's gorgeous color touch screen and comprehensive knob-per-function surface. Alongside fantastically expressive keyboard action, the Iridium Keyboard offers an expanded front panel with one-knob-per-function control as a workflow-raising result of this high-class synthesizer’s palpable physical makeover, also allowing for six freely programmable Macro buttons with which users can define functions from a wide range of features for additional performance control. The FATAR TP/8SK keyboard features polyphonic aftertouch and three contacts per key for new levels of response and playability. Best of all, tremendous tonal changes flow freely when playing the Iridium Keyboard live since polyphonic aftertouch is transmitted individually for each note played. Performers can conceivably play and hold down any number of keys simultaneously, subsequently moving each finger individually.


    • Filter models from Waldorf Nave, Largo and PPG in HP/LP/BP/Notch
    • 16-voice polyphony, duo-timbral
    • Compatible with the Waldorf Quantum synth engine
    • Explore and blend wavetable, virtual analog, granular, particle and kernel syntheses on one neatly-integrated platform
    • A gorgeous, large color touch screen is joined by a Quantum-level amount of chassis-mounted aluminum knobs

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    Waldorf Iridium Keyboard Synthesizer


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